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MY AUTOBIOGRAPHY  follows 111 pages  on pdf.   AVAILABLE ON GOOGLE DOCS TO ANY ONE INTERESTED can be reprinted, shared for free as long as I live.  I have no way to preserve my story and research scientific evidence.  Have found no group support tried for 30 years. & full diet details all on Google docs. Warner Books Vice President was kind enough to call me long distance from New York City (married Cary Grant's widow) to explain why in this age of internet and few people read that I could never get published unless I was famous enough to guarantee their sales and it would be a commercial success.  Consequently to protect the very survival of our species I put everything I know onto Youtube so it can be found 200 years from now.  I reversed my brain damage and memory loss but after 22 years of trying to learn how to make a sentence, and write my true story - I remain sadly inadequate unable to write a novel in the "normal" way I have to include pictures to see the events.  This makes publishing my story even more impossible unless I was to suddenly become internationally famous.