October 14, 2018:  My DAN had bowel cancer 1994 & his survival was brutal!  I was away researching my own disease, living out of town, Collingwood, Ontario.  I drove 4 hours to Sudbury to take care of him.  At that time Canada was connected to the Cancer Centres of America & they gave us a diet of foods that fight cancer!  Later, Ontario Government, Premier Mike Harris (total jerk) cancelled our connection to CCOA, & since then the hospital diet is pure shit, not fit to eat!  Last week Dan got called into his doctor's office - he failed the anti-malignin cancer cell test.  To my horror Dan had neglected this test for over 10 years.  Pure luck his doctor decided to have it done.  Why are men so sloppy with their health?  Anyhow, I was furious and so now he is working to improving his chances.  He will be taking regular tests now so I will post updates.  I make no claim this above system will cure cancer but it sure as hell ain't going to make it worse!