An artist once said to me, a picture is worth a thousand words.  My photos are my story in pictures.

That is me just before my 4th birthday.  I was not born sick!  I could dance, sing and run like the wind!  I was never sick on my French Canadian grandparents farm in Verner, Ontario where I was born.  I got my first crippling paralyzing attack at the age of six.  And that continued out of control until the age of 70!  All I live for is to save children from ever going through the brutality and torture I endure.




This is me at the age of 71!  Healthy, strong and beautiful!  April 22, 2013 after climbing 2,000 feet up Capreol Mountain on cross-country skies.  Dan was with me every step of the way.  He said 5 years ago he could barely climb stairs into his apartment.  Where as I did ski every year but until 2012 every step of the way was pure agony!




OKRA DIET is not complete on this site - no room! ALLERGIES & DIET FOR DISEASE CONTROL: is a Microsoft website & has crashed.  The diet program is below - or email me direct for the full diet system; OKRA4LIFE & I will send you free so you can print or download.  

The following is a short version for anyone who has completed the detox..  The full OKRA DIET FOR DISEASE CONTROL IS FREE, CAN BE PRINTED & DOWNLOADED BY CLICKING AT THE TOP:


The following are the condensed version of my diet research. This site does not have enough text space for the ALLERGY, CFS, TOXIC SHOCK, DUST MITES & MOLD.  Sorry, but the webs site has everything. Or for more information email me direct.    These are the simple basics I use to reverse my mother's brain damage and my Parkinsonism Disease.  I have tested on a woman, nearly beaten to death by a maniac husband (never charged) who smashed her scull against a wall leaving her with severe memory disabilities.  When I met her she was in constant pain after eating.  She was 62 and after puting her on my system she was well in just 24 hours.  She could eat without pain for the first time in years.  Pain completely disappeared!  Frankly, I was not just astounded, I was jealous.  It takes me months to reverse each attack.  Today she is 65 and her over all health has improved remarkably, her skin is lovely, providing she stays out of restaurants and Canola oil.  Her memory is still poor because she is just too lazy to do the brain exercises.  I love her dearly, but the brain is a muscle, it will not work if you do not excercise.  I keep saying to her, if you lay in bed for a year, do you think you could just one day get up and walk?  No she says.  So okay, write things down on paper.  I bought her note books, journals and daily calendar, but she just won't do it.  So no her memory still sucks but not because of her diet.  And now since she is in no pain she eats too much and her stomach is stretched and a bit too big.  Oh hell, she is pretty, pleasantly plump and has the heart of an angel.  As long as she's not sick, she is perfect just as she is.


The brain will work if you work it!  My disease is not cured, like a diabetic, it is controlled.  I wake each day sick; it takes 3-4 hours to get me functional.  Then I can dance, climb mountains if I want to.  Except of course I cannot, spring, summer & fall.  Between the bugs and the bears it is not safe for me here.  I have to wait for cold weather for that.  So I dance, dance, and dance instead.  Or use shopping malls, and shop in varying sizes of high heels to stretch and work on my leg muscles.  Okra Diet is anti-aging, if you feed the brain and okra is the brain food (strictly raw or frozen never cook), okra rejuventates sending out correct signals which make you stronger, younger, longer.


Due to my dangerously low immune system (caused by Canola) I cannot stop eye and lung infections entirely, so going outside for any length of time is restricted to mainly winter.  I do try to swim, did it 3 times this year, but our summer was very uncooperative this year.  Too many lightening thunder storms and water is a conductor and therefore it is never safe to go swimming in volitile weather.  And it is almost an hour's drive for me to get to a safe area to swim that is not full of polluting boats and sea-dos.  There is only one lake that is not boat friendly, too many rocks and hidden islands under the water.  I love watching some jerk wreck his parents motor and boat trying speed on this lake.  There is a plane on it too and so often I have to swim for my life and get out of the water and get my gas mask on it.  There are no lakes in Canada that stop pollution, boats and sea-dos.  There are no laws in winter either so I cross country ski with a gas mask handy.  And I expect to be wearing my gas mask for the rest of my life.  


Winter is my best time.  See my photos of me and Dan skiing up until April.  What joy.

April 22, 2013, was the best day of my entire life.  I don't get many days like that! I take what I can get, when I can get it!


Find a way to work your body that you enjoy.  Dancing & cross country skiing are by far the best way to stop my legs from turning to mush.


Print out the diet and study.  Take copies and hand them out and share.  Who knows how many lives you can help save.


FIRST OF ALL:  FOODS YOU NEVER EVER EAT!  NO WHITE SUGAR, WHITE CARBOHYDRATES, CANOLA CRAPPOLA, M.S.G., CHEMCIAL ADDITIVES.  If you cannot spell it, it is probably toxic.  I choose to never eat anything from: MEXICO, CHINA, AFRICA & SOUTH AMERICA!  Try to stick to foods closer to home.  Imported foods in these countries, run by dictatorships, are too often contaminated with bug eggs (spiders), deadly virus, bacteria that killed 2 people in Sudbury and one in Brazil in just 8 days!  And these stories are hushed up bloody quick!


North America cannot control massive amounts of containers imported.  It is dangerous in my opinion to trust these countries to do that job properly for us. We do not control what is either on these foods, fruits, vegetables, or what they grew in?  In the Sudbury area the ground is highly contaminated with Arsenic/ sulphuric acid, which comes from our mine smelters.  Consequently; also covered up but was publized in New York when I was there on TV, caused our increase in disease and genetic mutations.  Most children's physical and mental dysfuctions were caused by being poisoned, air/food/water.  My entire diet is too complex to list here.  Staying alive is hard work and being not famous enough, it will never get published.  

It has taken me decades to melt down the thousands of pages of complex dietary research into a simpler system that sick people can more easily read and follow.  It has been entirely successful, except for those peole who are devoid of the discipline it take to get well.  My favorite saying is, This great new body did not grow on a tree - it was damn hard work!


Getting healthy is hard work.  I have a great beautiful new body that I love.  Walking one hour in clean clear fresh air, means I have to drive wearing a gas mask in a car, to find it. Otherwise, I am trapped in a house full of gas fumes, crawl on my hands and knees 3 flights of stairs, in a house that is killing me, with gas fumes from the furnace.  Trapped in a poisonous hostile environment, drowning in a sea of toxic chemicals, the air permeating with gas, oil, diesel, sulphuric and acid everywhere, causing my eyes to burn in pain, even my ski goggles don't keep the acid out of my eyes...  all of which I am intolerant to, or to the illiterate I say allergic but you cannot be allergic to arscenic, IT IS POISON!  Get it?  Doomed to fight for my life, every day on a daily basis, in a city of Neaderthals who would destroy the lives of their children and all future generations to come...  rather than bring in tough pollution controls.  Why?  Gees, god forbid that they should care and get of their butts and give a damn!


So you do what you must.  And do not let any so-called friend or family member intimidate you.  Tell them all to go to hell.  Do what you must and be proud for yourself in doing it!


Even if I find a clean air hill to climb, this is wilderness country.  The animals have all the right and I have none.  So I face, mountain lions, bears and wolves.  Wolves, I don't mind they keep their distance.  Bears are so unpredicable, 99% of the time they see you and go the other way, but there is always that 1% and they will attack, maul, for no other reason, certainly not for food.  Bears do not like eating humans much.  Attack for no reason, hummm sounds like most of my past boyfriends?  Yep, we got a lot of that in Sudbury.


EXERCISE IS A MUST IN MY PROGRAM OF RECOVERY, BUT IT SHOULD BE FUN!  And it must be in clean clear air or well filtered air conditioned environment.  Dan turned his living room in a personal gym and has good air conditioners and air filters.  He made his apartment a safe environment for me because my house is not always safe.  So it can be done and it is not very expensive.  What's a thousand dollars compared to 56 years of agony and disease?


CAUTION:  I do use doctors & drugs when necessary.  However; I make all decisions.


Nobody gets to control my body but me!  


MOST IMPORTANT FOODS TO EAT:  These two foods took me a lifetime to discover. Everyone I tested, (hundreds) all with amazing success!  No matter what you choose to do, NO CANOLA OIL EVER, NO EXCEPTIONS.  Stick to Olive oil.





1:  OKRA RAW.  2-3 PER DAY.  Anti-aging, feed the brain and restores memory.  Do not cook.  Cooking may be good for heart disease but cooked okra will not restore memory.  For example:  I was so happy March & April cross country skiing, running up the mountain on skies...  climbing a 2,000 foot trail.  I was delighted and over come with joy, so much so I forgot to eat my okra for a whole month.  Okay I did not paralyze.  However, April 22nd my last ski day I rush straight to my favorite Walmart to get the beautiful new photos.  All of a sudden I froze, the gals all know me, asking what's wrong Trudi?  I looked dazed and explained I could not remember how to spell my own name.  She spelled it for me and asked me if I had eaten my okra that day?  Dear god, I then realized I had not for a whole month!  That night as soon as I got home I ate several.  The very next day the fog in my brain slowly lifted.  It took, however, a whole week for my brain to get my brain signals 100% reversed.  Fortunately, I am so well now that my legs did not paralyze and health stayed strong but it was a good reminder.  I am never cured - but strictly controlled.  You cannot imagine how it feels to know that just 2 years ago, I would have gotten lung, eye infections, crawling to climb and often choking, breathing that difficult. Pain of course was horrific.  So if I can do it at 70, 71 & now 72, Dan 66, mom 94, it is my prayer and hope that you or someone you care about, can too.


2.  RED SWISS CHARD:  Must be cooked. 1/2 cup a week or every day one spoon.  I steam it then add a dash of apple cider vinegar, red cayenne pepper, dash of garlic granules and few drops of Olive, Safflower or Camelina Oil.  Red Swiss Chard (not white) detoxifies liver, gall bladder, kidneys and anytime I get gas, oil, diesel poison etc and go into a toxic shock, I take a cup of Red Swiss Chard a day until well.  Raw red swiss chard will not detoxify, cooked its' biochemistry changes.  I steam it in distilled water, in a glass or stainless steel container (never use aluminum or coated pans if steaming or cooking in water).  Save the water and drink it too.  I add apple cider vinegar to all meals.


Organic foods, fruit, vegetables every day, as much as possible.  Otherwise clean with a good garden wash to clean of any pesticide residues.  


3.  ODOURLESS GARLIC PILLS.  I cannot function with them.  Raw garlic if eat too much will burn the stomach lining and can be dangerous.  The pills are safer.  Garlic oil can cause indigestion.  I take up to 10 four times a day during flu season and I do get the flu shot.  Some people can't but the flu shot never did me any harm and since taking the shots have never had the flu.  However, my immune system is dangerously damaged as a direct result of Canola oil.  I have to pump my immune system up, my diet and garlic pills have kept me off anti-biotics since 2007.  If I get exposed to anyone's coughing virus within 3 hours I wind up with an infection.  Garlic pills work.  I had to try many different ones to find a brand that worked best for me.  If you find you are intolerant to garlic (or allergic) get IP-6 with INOSITOL, BUT ONLY THE USA BRAND.  The Canadian brand is a disaster, causing constipation so bad I might as well as have eaten a block of cement.  Since the USA brand is best, but still may constipate a bit, I take with high fibre meal, salad & ground flax seed.  Find out what works for you, except do not take strong laxatives.  They will destroy your bowels permanently.  Find a food.  Sometimes I just eat lots of frozen corn, cooked to add fibre.  Corn goes through me undigested.  You need to learn and discover how your body works.  I write everything down in a Calandar journal.  No one can remember every detail when sick, plain stupid to think that you can.  


4. GERMS ARE CONTAGIOUS, MOUTH WASH:  After every meal I wash out with peroxide and careful brushing of my teeth.  I had decades of gum disease and my Dentists both in Collingwood and Sudbury saved my teeth.  It was a lot of work for them and very costly for me.  My impaired immune system means that germs normally not harmful can be deadly for me.   Wash hands immediately after being out in public.  I carry germ cleanser in my car and purse always.  I do want to say that dogs and cats, god's little creatures have never made me sick.  Just human creatures.  A metis sore throat recipe really works:  Full cup of disilled water, 3 spoons of salt, 1/4 cup of white vinegar (do not swallow, white vinegar is not healthy injested).  Mix and gargle, count to 50 and hold at the back of your throat.  Put in an empty small water bottle and carry with you.  



DO NOT DRINK OR COOK WITH TAP WATER UNLESS YOU BOIL OFF THE CHLORINE FIRST. Use only distilled water. If you must use tap water, boil first, and fan the rising toxins from the boiling water out the window.  Not into your lungs.  For 56 years fumes from hot tap water (taking a bath or cooking) used to trigger a horrific paralysis attack!  I did not know or even consider it was the tap water!  Gerry Simpson in Wasaga Beach figured that out for me. I have to either sponge bath, shower or make sure the bath water is not very hot.


Spring water has too many mineral salts!  Mineral salts are microscopic rocks, great for a plant, which we are not!  Mineral salts (rocks) cannot be converted to anything useful in humans, they clog our arteries and contribute to strokes and heart disease.  As do too many things to list here.  So play it safe.  I use bottled spring water at a dance of course, but that means I am only getting no more than a few cups a week in me.  Not enough to do any harm.  I drink no pop, no alcohol, or junk of any kind. If I was not so allergic to alcohol, I would have a drink, like one only, or a glass of wine with a meal.  I can't but if you can I see nothing wrong with a drink, not a drunk!   I drink on occasion when out or get sick decaf coffee.  Or mom likes apple juice or green tea.  AA say "Keep it simple stupid!"  And that is basically what I do.  At home I drink organic pure black cherry juice.  It has healing benefits especially for Gout and Arthritis.  Mom had gout, I just made her stop eating red meat and anything else that triggers it.  Now she has no gout.  Instead of taking pills, I make her stop eating anything she cannot tolerate well.  Ginger makes me sick.  Dan loves it.  Mom used to get indigestion from Cinnamin.  She used to eat it on desserts then take pills.  I stopped her eating Cinnamin and she stopped needing the pills.  I can eat loads of  Cinnamin and very hot spices with no bad side effects. 


Get to know yourself.


If you were a doctor, would you feed your patient deep fried fish and chips?  Even if fried not in Canola but olive oil?  No of course not.  But that very same Doctor will eat buckets of hamburgers, fish and chips and a bucket of steak fat.  Worse he may barbque!  Yikes. Charcoal and gas Barbques cause stomach cancer.


6. BLUE CHEESE "Rosenborg" it is one of nature's antibiotics.  Not all cheese are healthy.  Naturally cured usually do not have a ton of salt.  SALT & CALCIUM CHLORIDE ARE GOOD FOR MELTING ICE ON ROADS.  All vegetables have some salt and pottasium.  Cut down on salt by introducing spices to your meals.  Salt including "mineral salts" not from vegetables are well known in science to trigger heart and kidney disease.  Ask my dearest friend Ruby, she know all about that.  Her mother warned her when she was a child, but she ignored it.  She ate buckets of salt and now has to live on a machine, having gotten kidney damage from too much salt.  Gall Bladder stones can be caused from tap water and salt.


 7.  MSA GAS MASK:  If driving or working in fumes of any kind, you should get one.  Many people like me are housebound because no one bothered to assist them find a mask that will help them be mobile.  I refused to live like that.  If men can walk on the moon then I will find gas mask so I can walk on this toxic planet!  When someone makes fun of me, they do it once and never dare to again.  I don't take kindly to such ignorance, so I quickly flop the mask down, and hollor so everyone can hear me, "I wear it so I don't paralyze!  OKAY?"  Then they either get embarrassed and apologize, or their friends give them heck for being so rude. What I especially like are the teenagers, and children.  They ask why?  And I tell them why. "Because Canola oil destroyed my life and made me a parplegic etc."  They get to know me and I get to educate them.  One person a day, I try to tell at least one person a day. 


8.  OLIVE OIL:  It is the cheapest and is best for everything.  I bath in it often.  Coconut oil is okay too.  I use Coconut oil for detoxifying my fat cells, before skiing.  Climbing on cross country skies is very strenuous excercise so taking Coconut oil at least an hour before, puts good fat in and bad fat out.  Cameline Oil, is my most recent discovery, I use it in all my salads now.  The flavour is food heaven, beside being super healing.  It is expensive but just a little goes a long way and the taste unique and simply delicious. 


9.  YOGURT ALL NATURAL, O FATS.  Keeps bowels healthy, controls yeast infections.  Mom east yogurt with fresh fruit.  I eat it on everything, even pie!


10.  NO WHITE SUGARS WHAT SO EVER!  I substitute with honey.  Got a sweet tooth?  Ok.  Substitute with organic dates (no sulphites).  I hated dates.  Then I did a bit of research, finding they are very healthy, deciding to eat dates whether I like them or not.  They kind of grow on you.  Now I love them.  They are part of a daily treat after skiing, dancing or walking in the bush when it is cold enough to be safe from bears, bugs, and toxic fumes.


11. APPLE CIDER VINEGAR:  Heinz, not white.  Heinz because too many other brands seem to have an acidic additive and gave me cancers and made me sick to my stomach.  Heinz, so far seems to have kept their ancient recipe making it very healthy.  White is toxic but excellent for cleaning and kills germs.  Baking soda also kills germs.  I use baking soda for cleaning my toilet and getting rid of poop odor.


12.  NO TOXIC CLEANERS, BLEACH, AMMONIA ETC.  THROW EVERYTHING OUT.  These cleaners are one of the many main causes of much brain damage like Alzheimer's and Cancers.  There are many ways to substitute and clean without killing yourself and your children.


13.  NO STRIPPED CAROHYDRATES; SUCH AS WHITE BREADS OR WHITE PASTA.  I use only high fibre, natural brown/red rice.  Black rice is actually a native seed, expensive but tasty.  Multi-grain pasta is a favorite.  If gluten intolerant use brown rice pasta.  Excellent are Rudolph's 5 grain oat bread.  They are a Canadian company but they also were the one bread company that was willing to put everything on their label after I sent them some scientific samples on Canola aka Rape being toxic.  People with Cholitis need to search for what works for them without using stripped carbs.  NO RESTAURANT IS ENTIRELY SAFE, unless they agree to cook for you without Canola as do the Capreol Restaurant.  And I never eat other people's food, it is just too dangerous.  People lie sometimes even deliberately and I wound up once in a coma for three days.  That's a whole other story. Invite a friend to dine at home. I used to love having home dinner parties, cheaper, safer & fun.    Sadly, trapped as I am, I can't do that anymore.  Maybe someday?


14. FENNEL,COOKED OR RAW:  Helps to detox bad fat from your cells & excellent weight loss companion to any meal.


15.  FROZEN FRUIT AND VEGETABLES:  They have more natural Vitamin C and nutrients than imported, including long distance trucking.  The longer they are exposed to air, the quicker they loose their nutritional value, especially Vitamin C, which evaporates quickly.  Frozen they are done right where they get picked, which retains all the Vitamin C.  Or buy local.  I do not buy anything grown in Sudbury unless from outside our district, like Hanmer or Sturgeon Falls.  About one hour's drive I may go to buy from farmers I know can be trusted.  All of Sudbury & District 300 lakes are contaminated due to our having no pollution laws so I do not eat fish.  I explored our area and I know where to go to buy that is safe.  I recommend you do the same, explore your area, make it a family affair.  Ostracized, I do not have family. My new friends since moving back to help mom, are all younger and still working.  So I go alone to discover and often meet lovely, new people.


16.  WATER IS VITAL:  There are two kinds of minerals as I partly explained earlier.  One from water is not biodegradable for humans, they are microscopic rocks.  Only plant minerals are digestible by humans and animals.  Metalic and rock minerals feed plants.  You should get your minerals from plants.


Never go 5 hours without water.  As I did recently trying to get my diet onto a website that was impossible to work with.  It was a free site but in the end it cost me over $1,000.00 and their support system was as useless as tits on a bull.  Finally, I begged google for help and they suggested  Wix has been a pleasant experience.  Only two things missing are spell check and page numbers and uploading documents are not easy but it can be done.  Unlike Wordpress and Webs.  Those two companies contributed to my winding up in hospital. Wordpress has no support typical of a company that is part of Microsoft and I was forced to just give up those sites. Webs being the worst.  Trying to work with Webs was a nightmare.  But trying made me go 22 hours without water and I had a nearly fatal heart attack.  Despite all the decades of research, I did not know that going without water that long caused dehydration.  Dehydration cause pottasium to be released from our cells into the blood.  Pottasium at a highly elevated level causes your heart to just stop.  I got lucky, I threw up so bad I was rushed to hospital just in the nick of time.  May 2013 I got treated in a hospital with respect for my disease for the first time in my life!  I used to see athletes always carrying bottled water but never knew why?  If they did not - they could take a heart attack, that is why!  The doctor asked me why go that long without water?  I replied, "Well, I was working on my website with a company driving me nuts, then ran out of paper & had a lot to do and don't like to pee in strange washrooms."  He exclaimed, Oh you women! It seems women do that a lot.  So now I carry a baby wipe just in case and every 5 hours, stop and take a shot glass full of my distilled water.  Interesting though, my two men best friends were guilty of doing the same thing!  No matter how much one researches you cannot know everything.  


MEAT LIST:  Meats should be used sparingly, and not the main course.  To start; NO PROCESSED MEATS WITH CHEMICALS.  Find a store that carries a good all natural Artisan brand of ham and salami.  To detox they must be avoided entirely.


1.  CHICKEN FIRST:  Prime grain fed or organgic free range, no drugs, antibiotics.  What the chicken eats - you eat!  Boil in distelled water, save the broth.  I use skinless boneless, & make soup with veggies (see detox recipie).  I love Arabic, Indian, Italian, Spanish and Mediterrranean style foods & spices.  I also adore their dances & music.  I am not a good enough cook (sick over 60 years time is too limited).  Simple ways to create a similar taste is by using their spices.  Curry here does not taste like my East Indian clients fed me.   Surprise!  Curry means gravy!  Every part of India's culture, from family to family, village to village, north to south, east to west use a different recipe & cannot be duplicated in a bottle marked curry!  I now mix my own ingredients, when I have time.  Or I try to find a store where they stock different sauces.  If it is not made in Canada, authentic, will never have Canola oil in it.  Sudbury, is such a mess, even the Greeks at their festival have the nerve to use Canola and dare to call it authentic!  No Greek in Greece would be caught dead using anything but Pure Olive oil.  TIP:  NEVER WASH CHICKEN - TAKE OUT OF PACKAGE AND DUMP IN QUICK BOILING WATER.  Any germs are contained.  Washing spreads the germs!


2.  GRAIN FED VEAL, NO CHEMICALS OR DRUGS:  Steaks are too hard to digest, bad for heart & arteries, wait until you are truly well before putting steak into your diet.   


3. ANGUS, CORN FED BEEF, ORGANIC:  I never eat beef more than 3 - 4 times per year.  So I buy only best, tenderloin.  I do not allow mother any beef whatsoever.  She has gout from eating so much beef with dad who was a beef addict.  Beef not only causes gout, (a form of arthritis) strokes, heart disease but BBQ causes cancer.  LAMB OR SHEEP is a much more healthy meat to eat.  Arabs have a very healthy diet, allowing for lamb or sheep, but not on a daily basis, they are mainly vegetarian.


4:  PORK GRAIN FED, DO CHEMICALS NO DRUGS:  I find pork tough, again I only buy tenderloin.  I eat so little meat I can afford strictly the best money can buy.


5. NO LIVER OF ANY KIND UNLESS ORGANIC:  Whatever the animal ate, concentrates in their organs.  


6.  FISH:  NO COD OR SUCKER FISH OF ANY KIND. NO TUNA OR LARGE FISH.  Pickerel, Rainbow Trout, Bass or if available, Artic Char (now endangered).  Smaller fish have less exposure to pollutants we dump.  Pike make me sick.  I nearly died on Cod.  Sardines in oil not Canola are okay. 7.  SEAFOOD:  Very hard to digest.  Best to avoid until well.  

SCALLOPS FROZEN: East Coast are small, cook very fast & sweeter flavor & may go extinct!

They are very expensive.  SHRIMPS COOKED FROZEN: Hard to digest but I tolerate well.  Quickly cooked & frozen near to where they are caught, less likely to be contaminated.  


8.  EGGS:  Omega 3, organic or free range.  I love eggs but they contipate me so bad I have to take too much senecot, about 3.  Otherwise my bowels shut down, triggering interal toxemia - and paralysis, excrutiating, + migraine.  I eat less than 5 eggs a year.  Dan & mother are both okay with eggs so except if detoxifying, eggs are no problem. 

9.  CHEESE: Same as eggs.



10:  BREAD, ORGANIC ALL NATURAL HIGH FIBRE.  Sour dough is best as it should not have any oil and/or chemicals added.  Rudolph, is the only Canadian I trust. No space here go to top button:  click to my diet site for allergies and disease control:

It is on and often not functional, a Microsoft system often crashes.  So if you cannot access your can email me direct for a copy & I will email you back free of charge.  

































I CANOT EVEN EDIT THIS SECTION. text too long for this site.               
DECEMBER 21, 2013                                                                                                     XX               it IS complete!  It contains full details of diet for disease control system + section on easy tips to control "ALLERGIES, MOLD ETC."  All you have to do to download the entire site for free is to click at the top and it will take you directly there.  All can be downloaded or printed entirely free. Anyone may email me directly for help.


However; for now my website is a complete as I have time for.  My mother has Paget Disease & is in a crisis because HEALTH CANADA'S CORRUPTION is next going to kill my mother and I simply have no more time left.  All my efforts now must be to keep her as healthy and alive as I possibly can.  Beware of Canadian Foods & Health Canada!  The life you save may be your own!


So far my new diet I designed for mom 95 is working but with no medical help it is always dangerous at best to function in a society of apathy, ignorance, fascism and more rights for dogs than children!!


I have sent email coast to coast to Public Health Services, Medical Assoc. Paget Disease but the only replies I got was from Americans.  Even the FDA Washington was kind enough to go on line for me and find out and send me information from Health Canada who would not reply to me.  If anyone wants more details I can send you a copy of "Why Health Canada is Corrupt!"  Short of a miracle mom who now dances 3-4 times per week because the medication works 100% no side effects & is cheap ($136.00 per month) but Health Canada HAS BANNED IT IN FAVOR OF DRUGS TEN TIMES MORE EXPENSIVE THAT HAVE DISASTOROUS SIDE EFFECTS!  Mom supply will run out and she will rapidly become an invalid forced to live in a hospital which will cost taxpayers $6,000.00 per month or more!  Yes, that is the tyranny of our system. Canadians coast to coast who have Paget Disease will become invalids forced by Health Canada to live in a hospital for the rest of their lives!  The media has refused to expose' the truth and I just must make what time we have left to dance together has happy as I can.  No one in Canada & all Canadian media has refused so far, not one is willing to help.  First Health Canada destroyed my life and now they will kill my mother!  That is the kind fascism that thrives in Canada!